What We're All About...

Welcome to Mothers of Preschoolers, or as it is affectionately called, MOPS. MOPS is a Christian-based program designed for mothers of preschoolers, infant through kindergarten. The goal of MOPS is to nurture all mothers of preschoolers, to reach out with encouragement, support, and love.


Enrollment is possible any time of the year, as long as space is available.  When our program is operating at capacity, a waiting list is established for interested families.

Space is made available by openings in the classes of our children’s ministry, MOPPETS.  When openings occur in the MOPPETS classes, the MOPPETS chairperson will use her judgment to place families with children of the appropriate age from the waiting list.  Please ask for the waiting list policy if further clarification is needed.


Children are dropped off at the east wing, and mothers meet in the west wing.  Moms have social time, snack, announcements, a brief prayer and a presentation on a special topic which has been chosen to teach and encourage mothers.  Each meeting focuses on a different aspect of family life, marriage, childcare, or self-development.  Small discussion groups assemble to discuss the presented topic.  Periodically, moms will also enjoy making a simple craft during discussion time.


When you and your child arrive at Grace Lutheran, go to the east wing (classroom end) of the church, locate your child’s nametag on the welcome table and attach it to the back of your child’s clothing.   The double doors by the welcome table will be closed if you arrive before 9am.  Our teachers use this time to prepare for the morning and to join in prayer.  Please respect this special time by waiting until someone comes to open the doors.  You are then welcome to take your children to their designated classrooms.


Please avoid using the visitor parking places at either side of the east entrance.  Grace has other business to conduct during the day and it is important that the visitor spots be left open, even during the off-weeks.


The library is located in the east wing, also known as the children’s wing.  The library is the 2nd door on the right, past the nursery.  You are welcome to check out materials.


There is a special section of our blog called SWAP SHOP.  This is where MOPS moms may place free advertisements.  This is for items you would like to sell, find, or trade.  SWAP SHOP cannot be used for the solicitation of businesses or general invitations to home sales parties.

As a courtesy to all mothers in the group, please be sure to turn off your cell phone or set it to vibrate during our meetings.  If you feel you must make or accept calls during our meetings, please leave the meeting area while speaking on the phone.

Thank you for your cooperation!  MOPS is a wonderful program, and we want everyone to have an enjoyable time to celebrate being a MOM!


It is not permitted to use MOPS as a forum to aggressively promote products or services.  This does not preclude the distribution of invitations to parties, discussion of businesses or products among friends, or arranging activities on non-meeting days.  There will be a table set aside at meetings to place literature.  MOPS meetings should focus on appropriate topics and remain a pleasant place to be.  It is the responsibility of the steering committee to select appropriate topics and to inform outside speakers of our no-solicitation policy.  Likewise, mothers must not aggressively promote their products or services during meetings.


MOPPETS is a wonderful children’s program!  It is important that our moms get a first-hand look at the program.  There are also days where situations may leave us short of helpers.  Therefore, MOPS moms are expected to volunteer at least one morning in our MOPPETS program.  If you cannot assist on the day that will be assigned to you, it is your responsibility to find another MOPS mom to trade days with you.  If you cannot find a substitute on your own, please contact the MOPPETS chairperson to let her know.  Moms new to MOPS will be assigned a date in the latter half of the year so that they may become familiar with the MOPS program.

When repeated absences are noted, it is only fair to allow other mothers and children who are on the waiting list a spot in the MOPS/MOPPETS program to fill the empty slots in the children’s ministry.  A mother who misses three consecutive MOPS meetings will be contacted by the coordinator to determine if she is still interested in attending MOPS.  If so, but she misses two more consecutive MOPS meetings, she and her child will be asked to resign from the MOPS/MOPPETS rosters.  Special consideration is made for mothers in trying circumstances.  Women who leave their children and do not attend the meetings will also be dismissed from the program.


Please label all children’s belongings.  Dress children appropriately, since older children go out to the playground as weather permits.  Children should come to MOPPETS in closed-toe shoes only.  No sandals, please.  If your child is starting to potty train, please discuss this with the teacher so they will be better able to respond to the child’s needs.
For children in the nursery, a sign-in sheet is provided for you to inform teachers about your child’s special needs.  Let them know if your child is breast- or bottle-fed, when they are likely to be hungry again, and what snacks your child may or may not have.  If your child is bottle-fed, please provide enough formula/milk for 2 hours.  Also, leave a labeled diaper bag with the child.  The bag should include diapers, wipes and labeled bottles or sippy cups.


MOPS members are assigned to discussion groups. On designated days, these groups will bring brunch items for moms and snacks or supplies for the MOPPETS program.  This will also be your day to help clean up after the meeting.  On end-of-semester brunch days, ALL moms bring food.


Dues and fees are paid by semester and are due at the first MOPS meeting each semester.

Dues for fall semester are as follows:
MOPPETS fee: $45 for 1st child, $40 for 2nd child, additional children are free
MOPS dues: $45 per mom
MOPS to MOM Connection fee (International fee): $25

Dues for spring semester are as follows:
MOPPETS fee: $45 for 1st child, $40 for 2nd child, additional children are free
MOPS dues: $45 per mom

We are blessed that Grace Lutheran Church sponsors our MOPS and MOPPETS programs.  During the “off-weeks” when only the children meet, moms are encouraged to donate $1.00 per child.  The MOPPETS fees and off-week donations defray the costs of operating the MOPPETS program.  The children will meet approximately 28 times this year, 13 of them being off-weeks.

                $13.00 total in off-week donations

           +   $90.00 MOPPETS fee ($45.00 each semester)


                $103.00 / 28 times a year = $3.68 for 2 hours of loving childcare!

The $45 MOPS dues are used to purchase refreshments and craft supplies and to cover other administrative costs associated with the program.  A woman joining MOPS after the semester has begun can pay a prorated fee based on the month in which she joins MOPS.

 The MOPS to MOM Connection fee goes to MOPS International and is paid once a year.  In return, moms receive MOMSENSE magazine, as well as other special benefits that change from year to year.  This fee is paid in full no matter what time of year you join MOPS and will not be prorated, as the benefits remain the same throughout the year.

Scholarships are available to moms who have financial limitations.  A limited number of partial scholarships are available each year.  MOPS expects moms to pay at least 50% of their MOPS fees.  If you cannot pay 50%, please speak to our finance chairperson.  If you would like to apply for a scholarship, an application must be completed and submitted to the finance chairperson as soon as possible before the first MOPS meeting.  All information will remain confidential among the scholarship committee.  Individuals will be notified prior to their first meeting if they are recipients.


Many semesters, MOPS expenditures actually exceed the $45 dues collected.  For that reason, our MOPS group may do at least one fundraiser per year.  As a member, you will be asked to participate in these fundraisers.  Fundraisers are not, however, a requirement.


If the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (BCSC) is closed or delayed due to inclement weather, then our MOPS meeting and childcare will also be cancelled for that day.  School closings/delays are announced on radio stations WWWY (105), WKKG-WCSI (101.5) and WRZQ (107.3).  There will not be a specific announcement regarding MOPS.

MOPS may occasionally host a Visitor Day for moms who would like to visit a MOPS meeting to help them decide if they would like to join.  The event would be advertised, and visitors can register with Grace Lutheran so that childcare in the MOPPETS program can be arranged.  Alternatively, mothers may attend one non-Visitor Day meeting.  Childcare cannot be made available for visitors on non-Visitor Day days, however.  Registration fees are not assessed for one-day visitors.


Mothers who offer childcare in their homes for children other than their own may not bring the extra children and enroll them in the MOPPETS program.  Please recognize and understand that space is limited in the children’s ministry.


Babies that are 3 months of age or more are to be taken to MOPPETS.  We all love our babies, but they can be very distracting both to the mother and others.  The ladies who work in MOPPETS love your child and will give your child the best care they can.  We are VERY fortunate to have MOPPETS, as most MOPS groups do not.  Please take advantage of the resource MOPPETS provides and enjoy your time at MOPS!  If any problem should arise with your child, Lisa Brunni (director of MOPPETS) will bring him or her to you.